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Fractional Chief
Strategy Officer

Fractional Executives are leaders who take up a part-time position in a C-suite capacity.  Commonly referred to as a "CxO" such as COO, CSO, CFO, CIO, CHRO.  Fractional Leadership is the practice of leveraging external experience to fill leadership gaps in a business.  Many small to mid-sized businesses and firms have begun to explore this option as they emerge post-pandemic.   The fractional approach is both cost effective and necessary for many firms to remain competitive.  

A Chief Strategy Officer, or Chief Strategist, is an emerging role in the legal sector, excelled by the impacts of the recent Pandemic to many law firm.   A CSO is tasked with creating a company’s vision, communicating the plan with all those involved, executing the business initiatives, and sustaining implementation efforts. Duties involved in this role also include analyzing the market, identifying important projects, ventures, potential targets and other partnership opportunities.  Ensuring any applicable metrics and key performance indicators are in place to measure progress as well as identifying strategic risks and reduce such for the firm. 

A CSO is also responsible for working closely with the Managing Partner and Management Committee to improve current business operations and revise them to achieve the company’s long-term vision.  Responsibilities include participating in meetings with the Managing Partner, Management Committee and other executives, producing creative business ideas and reviewing data to monitor progress across their business initiatives.  In a fractional capacity the full scope of this role is tailored to the firm's specific needs, goals and current management structure.   

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