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Fractional Chief
Operating Officer

Fractional Executives are leaders who take up a part-time position in a C-suite capacity.  Commonly referred to as a "CxO" such as COO, CSO, CFO, CIO, CHRO.  Fractional Leadership is the practice of leveraging external experience to fill leadership gaps in a business.  Many small to mid-sized businesses and firms have begun to explore this option as they emerge post-pandemic.   The fractional approach is both cost effective and necessary for many firms to remain competitive.   

A fractional COO bridges the gap in a firm's daily operations as well as aiding in the firm's ability to grow and scale.  We offer this service as an interim position, part-time or in facilitating with a transition from one executive to another.   Before any engagement, an assessment of the business needs is conducted to better understand the scope and specific needs.  We'll then tailor an engagement for the firm's specific needs and goals. 


The role of a firm COO has become critical in easing the burden for the Managing Partner and firm Administration.  The COO is responsible for providing leadership and coordination of all firm resources, policies, and strategies under the direction of the firm’s Managing Partner and Management Committee.  The COO supervises and is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s administrative operations, including finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, marketing and business development, office administration and facilities management.  The COO directs firm operations with a goal of providing full support for the firm’s strategic initiatives and ensuring that competitive financial results are achieved.   In a fractional capacity the full scope of this role is tailored to the firm's specific needs, goals and current management makeup. 

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