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Individual & Team

What does turnover cost a firm? What does individual and team conflict cost a firm?  What if we could work to decrease turnover and conflict – with the current talent and labor shortages firms are more sensitive and concerned with talent retention and development than ever before, as they should be. 


When a team is operating as one cohesive unit, the individual, team and firm can build sustainable success.  To compete, individuals must be sharp, operating at peak efficiency, and communicating effectively.  Winning teams are actively developed at the individual and leadership level.  High performing teams with a commitment to recognizing and balancing individual and team strengths are better able to capitalize on opportunities. 

Prior to any session, a DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientious), Motivator and Judgement style assessment will be taken by each participant.  During tailored individual coaching sessions participants will discover their personal behavior, motivator and judgment style, learn to discern the styles of others and effectively communicate with team members and clients.  Each participant will map out a plan to facilitate their own development.   They will work one-on-one with a coach to develop their interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. 


Depending on the participants role, individual sessions could be combined with Business Development coaching or remain as a stand alone track for Personal and Professional Develop.


For team sessions and where interpersonal conflicts are present, a team exercise will show participants where challenges can arise based on communication styles, and personality differences.  The team as a whole, in addition to each individual, will learn how solutions can be created to communicate more effectively and work better, together as a team and one cohesive unit.

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